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Guys, if you are looking for Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk or you want Hack version of Shadow Fight 3 game with unlimited coins, unlimited gems, frozen enemy, unlocked VIP item, no ads. then you are here in the right place, in this post we will share with you Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.20.6 [Unlimited Everything]

Guys Shadow Fight 3 is an immersive action 3D mobile action game developed by Banzai. Games, published by Nekki. And so far it has been downloaded over 50,000,000+ times. And it’s available for Android and iOS for free.

Shadow Fight 3 the third part of the famous fighting game series: Shadow Fight. This game is completely different from the previous parts, new 3D graphics, new characters and locations. Complete missions and quests to train your warrior, arm yourself, and advance into new battles. In the game there is multiplayer, fight online against your friends.

  • Application name Shadow Fight 3
  • Size 196.9 MB on the AppStore
  • Category Role Playing
  • Android OS, iOS
  • Age Rating 12+ Rating
  • Free price
  • NEKKI Developer
  • Get it on
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Shadow Fight 3 Features:


The world is on the brink of an epic war. The powerful force that the Shadow Gates launched many years ago is now an ordinary energy source. This shadow energy is both a tool and a weapon, but not everyone wants to keep it this way.

A military tribe, the Legion, wants to destroy this dangerous energy. People of the dynasty want to use it for profit and crafts. And the mysterious Heralds study the darkest secrets of shadow power.

Which side will you join?


Choose your appearance and a combat weapon before deciding the fate of this world. Collect tons of different weapons and armor on your journey. Unlock special abilities by collecting unique sets. Influence history by choosing your faction.


Travel through a large world map full of unusual places and stories to meet your ultimate enemy.

Defeat powerful bosses and learn 3 different fighting styles along the way. Combine them to create your own unique attack style – you can fight as a complicated ninja or a powerful knight. Master the energy of the shadows to perform powerful and spectacular blows that can change the course of the battle.


Even when the main trip ends, the action continues. Battle at regular in-game events with special rewards. Win duels by fighting other AI controlled player characters. Battle the strongest to take a place on your region’s TOP-100 leaderboard and become a fighting star!

What’s New in Recent Update


  • opponents duel rules match changed
  • Added a unique Heralds ability: charges critical hits and deals guaranteed critical damage
  • 4 new titled sets that provide exciting gameplay mechanics
  • Many bugs fixed, improved technical efficiency
  • v1.19.0
    The update includes the following changes:
  • The Heralds’ unique ability: critical charges that allow you to make guaranteed critical hits.
  • 4 new titled sets with special fighting mechanics: 3 Legendary sets and 1 unique set
  • New languages ​​added in the game: Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian
  • Improved game performance and bug fixes.
    The update includes the following changes:
  • Some critical bugs fixed;
  • The main quest continues: The first part of Chapter VII is finally available!
  • New locations and bosses;
  • New gear items and two new fighting styles;
  • New feature: Collections. You can quickly order your items and get rewards for each completed collection;
  • 3 Legendary Sets, each of which gives you a special fighting bonus when fully equipped with your character.
    The new version brings some good changes:
  • new fighting rules implemented;
  • New types of duel chests were added;
  • improved store algorithms (the displayed offers are now more relevant for each player);
  • Shop pause, marathon and fight menu user interfaces have been improved;
  • some fighting styles changed slightly;
  • many technical improvements implemented preparing the ground for future updates;
  • Many bugs fixed.

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What users say about Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

A fun game that requires real skill and an understanding of the game mechanics. Some suggestions is maybe having a passive mission so that we can earn items while we are away (cultivating cards could be difficult) and have better sound effects please. I want to feel the blade of the sword, not just a generic “thumb tack” when I hit my enemy. And perhaps fixing the difficulty of the event bosses? It would be really difficult. : / Anw, I love the game and hope to see more! 🙂

I’m a huge fan of the shadow fight franchise and so far I’ve only been full of praise for the franchise. However, the reason I am writing to you at this time is to highlight an issue that I think has been overlooked for a long time. The problem is that when the stopwatch reaches zero in a match, it counts as a loss to me even though I have a much more significant amount of health compared to my opponent, as my opponents tend to be much stronger than me. I really feel this is unfair.

I love shadow fight 3 mod apk, but I can’t enjoy the game to the fullest because the game has a blocking problem, the maximum games I can play are 4 rounds, if I play a game with 6 rounds and win two rounds and my opponent With two rounds won, the game will come out on its own and I have to start the game again, I don’t mind the slow load, I just want to play the game without it coming out alone, please fix the bugs, I really love this game, thanks!

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